“Rebuilding Lives One Step At A Time”

About S4YS

Shoes 4 Your Soul is a nonprofit IRS recognized 501(c)(3) foundation devoted to providing new shoes to men, women, and children in need of them. The roots of our organization began back in 2008 when founder Dwayne Bennett Sr. started donating ten pairs of shoes to school kids each year. With a feeling that he could do more, he formed Shoes 4 Your Soul to aid a wider spectrum of underprivileged individuals. 

Our foundation does not sell shoes, nor do we donate used shoes to other organizations. 

About Shoes 4 your soul

We’re committed to providing only brand new shoes to the needy because some of us have never had the experience of owning them before. It’s something we may take for granted, but there are individuals out there that have never owned or worn new footwear before. It’s our objective to provide free, new shoes to the underprivileged year-round. We believe we can help rebuild lives, one step at a time.